Vučić: Their goal is to clean everything from Serbs

President of Serbia stated, during a visit to the factory "BMTS Technology" in Novi Sad, that the goal of ROSU's action is to clean Kosovo and Metohija of Serbs

Source: B92

Just to reiterate that several armed members of the Kosovo Police, ROSU, broke into several Serb houses in Štrpce, Sevac and Brezovica just before six o'clock this morning.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said today that he did not expect a reaction from the international community due to the action of the special Kosovo police in Strpce, and added that he believed that the action would be explained by the alleged fight against corruption and crime.

"And their goal is to clean the Sirinić parish, so that Serbs could not stay in the south of Kosovo. And all that is hidden behind the false concern for honesty in the management of Brezovica," Vučić told reporters in Novi Sad.

He added that it had been clear to him for a long time. "Should we expect someone to say something in Serbs' defense? Don't be naive and expect something like that," he said.

Vučić said that tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of the pogrom of Serbs in the March 2004 violence in Kosovo, and that we only need to look at how many Albanians were held responsible for the killings, destruction of churches and property in that period. "Even those who were silent in Belgrade did nothing and are now bragging about it," he added.


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