Merkel has already delineated us, Serbian president observes

Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday that "the whole western world, with exceptions, considers Kosovo a whole, sovereign, and indivisible territory."

Source: B92

This was the Serbian president's reaction to German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying a day earlier she was "against changing borders in the Balkans."

"She has already delineated us - only by separating Kosovo from Serbia," Vucic said, referring to his country's southern province, and the concept of "delineation" with the Albanians that he has been championing recently.

"The whole western world, with exceptions, they all consider Kosovo to be an indivisible territory that belongs to the Albanians in Pristina," he continued.

"And that's why I was confused by the hysteria of some people in Serbia. Come on - Sonja Biserko and Sava Janjic have always been in favor of an independent Kosovo," Vucic said, referring to an NGO activist and a Serbian Orthodox Church monk.

"But they stand for an Albanian independent Kosovo, and that's why they fought against Serbia gaining anything, and then some individuals in Serbia joined them."

The president said he had been "brave enough" to "ask for something more for the Serbs and Serbia" from "Angela Merkel, and Vladimir Putin, and Mike Pence, and Emmanuel Macron."

As for Merkel's position, Vucic said it has been the same "for ten years now" - i.e., since Germany recognized Kosovo as independent.

Vucic added that he would meet with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci in Brussels in September.


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