Serbian Army joins another UN peacekeeping mission

The Serbian Army (VS) will soon join another UN mission in the Middle East, the Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday, Beta reported, citing a statement.

Source: Beta

Lieutenant Colonel Stevan Raseta will serve as a military observer in the UNDOF mission, established by a UN Security Council resolution in 1974 in order to separate Syrian and Israeli armed forces during Arab-Israeli wars.

A five-member medical team headed by Major Zoran Mladenovic will soon be joining the EU Mission military training mission in Somalia (EUTM Somalia), where they replace their colleagues.

Members of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army currently participate in UN peacekeeping missions in Cyprus, the Middle East, Congo, the Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, and Liberia.

They also participate in two EU missions in Somalia, and in EU missions in the Central African Republic and Mali.


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