Belgrade marks anniversary of German WW2 bombing

Aleksandar Vulin on Wednesday headed a delegation that laid wreaths at a memorial to the victims of the April 6, 1941 bombing of Belgrade.

Source: Tanjug

The Serbian minister of labor and social and veteran affairs noted after the ceremony that on that day, Nazi Germany bombed an undefended city, without a declaration of war - "not to warn it and defeat it militarily, but to destroy it."

"They killed women and children, they killed indiscriminately, they killed people because they were citizens of Belgrade," Vulin said, adding that out of the many bombings of Belgrade, the April 6 attack was "the biggest."

The minister also noted that the exact number of the victims remains unknown, while estimates range between 2,000 to 4,000 dead in Belgrade that day, "perhaps more."

Vulin also said that Serbia has always been on the right side during history, and during World War II, "but also today," and that for this reason "there must be no historical revisionism, no quisling has the right to speak on behalf of the Serbian nation."

"Nations who suffered much less in World War II do not allow themselves the luxury of rehabilitating those who were on the side of the occupier, and of trying to find a justification for what they did," said the minister.

President of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade Nikola Nikodijevic, President of the Association of Belgrade Survivors April 6 Stevan Stojanovic, and President of the Belgrade SUBNOR Bora Ercegovac also took part in today's ceremony held in the city's New Cemetery..


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