PM wishes to see "more children, shift in values"

PM Ivica Dačić has addressed the January 1 humanitarian event in Belgrade's Svetogorska St., which is this year dedicated to well-being of the elderly.

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug

Dačić told those gathered for the "Open Heart Street" event that "Serbia has a shortage of newborn children," and that "unless the situation improves, Serbia will disappear in two or three centuries even without wars."

"Our goal must be as many children as possible, but also to look after the elderly, those who in the past took care of us," Dačić said, and reiterated, "care for the elderly is also important."

Dačić wished a happy New Year to the citizens, and said he hoped they would be able to say that 2014 "was the best year" once it draws to a close.

The Open Heart Street is this January 1 marked by B92 Fund's campaign "Movement 65+" which aims to help improve living conditions of the country's oldest population.

While attending the event, the prime minister also commented on the situation in the country and said it was important that reforms continue in 2014 - "so that work could be done at the end of the year to improve the living standard and develop the economy."

He said that the citizens "need a shift in the value system":

"This means that reforms should be done, and a European system of values established ​​when it comes to the rules of the game, and that each of us should contribute as much as they can."

Dačić said that 2014 would entail a lot of work for him, and noted that this was how he spent New Year's Eve, adding that "as soon as the day after tomorrow" his cabinet would hold a session.

"Nothing is difficult when you have a goal and the goal is to make this the birth of a new and better Serbia," said he.


Bill on eGovernment adopted

The government on Thursday adopted an eGovernment bill that should enable simpler, more transparent and more efficient operation of electronic public services.

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