SNS and SPS announce new cabinet in 15 days

Coalitions led by the Serb Progressives (SNS) and the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) have harmonized their political goals, it was announced on Friday.

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug

The SPS and the SNS also agreed on the future government's goals and assessed that it should be formed as soon as possible. According to them, it is possible that the new government will be formed in 15 days.

SPS leader and PM-designate Ivica Dačić told reporters that staffing solutions had not been discussed and that the initial proposal was to have a government with 15 ministries.

He said that the parties that should be a part of the new government agreed that Serbia should be an EU member, a factor of stability in the region, that it needed to tackle corruption and crime and respect principles of social justice.

SNS acting leader Aleksandar Vučić and Dačić said they also discussed revenues and expenditures of the state budget, that it was necessary to continue the European pathway and to accept and implement the European standards.

Vučić stressed that the future government needed to fiercely fight against corruption and crime and that one of the main goals was to get a date for the beginning of the EU accession talks.

He added that the future government would face serious work and that they would start working on a detailed plan and program next Monday.

The SNS acting leader explained that the work on the future government’s structure would begin in the next five days.

He stressed that the SNS would advocate that the restrictive Public Information Law and the Public Procurement Law be revoked.

The SNS and SPS-led coalition leaders started talks on the new government on Friday.

The meeting between the SNS leadership and SPS-led coalition representatives started at 10:00 CET on Friday at the SNS’ headquarters in New Belgrade.

Aside from Vučić, SNS officials Jorgovanka Tabaković, Zorana Mihajlović and Nebojša Stefanović are also attending the meeting.

Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS) leader Jovan Krkobabić and United Serbia (JS) leader Dragan Marković are a part of the SPS-led coalition delegation.

Vučić told B92 earlier that he felt no personal animosity toward the SPS leader.

He explained that it was important to make a good plan and program and that the new government needed to work hard because there was a lot of work do, adding that vanity needed to be left aside.

The talks on the government will start just a day after President Tomislav Nikolić gave a mandate for the forming of the government to Dačić.

“We are only starting the official negotiations. Our goal is to make the talks as short as possible but of course we first need to define the results we want to achieve,” the SNS acting leader told B92.

“We have a lot of work to do, so we will do our best. We do not want to give false statements about intensifying the talks, we will try to make it go as fast as possible,” he told Radio B92.

When asked how the SPS and the United Regions of Serbia (URS) got the most important ministries bearing in mind that the SNS won the majority of votes in the election, Vučić said:

“I have no intention of denying nonsense of journalists. I am in a serious business and the citizens will see once the government has been formed whether those papers and TV stations were right”.

When asked how he was going to overcome his personal animosity toward Dačić, he replied:

“I have no personal animosity but I cannot say that any government would be my dream coming true if it is not a solely SNS government”.

Vučić is convinced that the “SNS Main Board, in a moment when you get to choose between letting the Democratic Party (DS)-led government to continue stealing and robbing or to create a government in which you have a chance of changing a good part in Serbia, will choose the second option”.

“Of course, we are yet to see that and we will see what the results of the government will be. As far as personal vanity and animosity is concerned, I am known to put my personal positions that contradict the party and state interests on a backburner,” he explained.

“It is hard for me to imagine the worse government than the previous one,” Vučić concluded.


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