Daily: Belgrade to give up on elections in Kosovo

Belgrade will give up on the local elections in Kosovo due to high security risks, daily Večernje novosti has reported.

Source: Večernje novosti

According to the daily, the security risks would be too high without UNMIK and international community’s help.

The daily has learnt from a top official that it is impossible to organize the elections in the municipalities south of the Ibar River without UNMIK’s logistical support and that incidents were possible.

The Serbian authorities have assessed that holding of the parliamentary elections in Kosovo would be jeopardized if they kept insisting on holding the local elections.

The most powerful countries have given “the green light” for Serbia to hold the parliamentary elections in Kosovo.

Serbia’s Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanović says that the government is in constant contact with UNMIK and EULEX and that they are discussing all the details regarding holding of the parliamentary elections.

“UNMIK made it clear that they cannot take part in the local elections. Their holding is in accordance with the Constitution and laws but we have to take into account the specific situation in the field and all the circumstances that do not go our way,” he explained.

Belgrade will appoint provisional administrations in northern Kosovo, i.e. the new government will appoint officials in accordance with the Law on Local-Self Government. They will perform these duties until conditions for election of local authorities are met.

Northern Kosovo Serb representatives have called on the government to repeal the Law on Local Elections and to hold the local elections in the southern Serbian province as well.

“If they repeal the law we will give up on the voting. This way we are obligated by both the Constitution and all the regulations to hold the elections for municipal councilors and we will do so. We have all the necessary logistics for it,” Zvečan Mayor Dobrosav Dobrić stressed.


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