Belgrade court drops case against businessman Bogoljub Karic

The Higher Court in Belgrade has abandoned its case against Bogoljub Karic as it fell the under absolute statute of limitations.

Source: B92
Bogoljub Karic (BK, file)
Bogoljub Karic (BK, file)

The Higher Prosecution confirmed this for B92 on Friday.

An indictment issued in 2010 accused Karic of abusing his official position as the responsible party in the Mobtel case, during the period between 1998 and 2005.

The indictment was requalified in 2013 after changes were introduced to the Criminal Code. If put on trial and found guilty, Karic could have been sentenced to ten years in prison. The legal procedures in the case were first launched in 2006, when the Karics fled the country.

The indictment charges Karic and his associates of siphoning off more than EUR 60 million from the account of the former mobile carrier Mobtel.

His brother Stefan Karic is also included in the indictment, along with 13 more persons, among them several foreign nationals.

A red Interpol notice was issued at the time for Bogoljub Karic, the owner of BK Group and the leader of the PSS party, and for his brother. These are no longer posted on the Interpol website.

The Belgrade-based daily Blic writes that the Organized Crime Prosecution continues to conduct its investigation into the Mobtel privatization and suspected fraud amounting to some EUR 60 million. This case will fall under the statute of limitations in 2017, the newspaper said.

The Higher Court in Belgrade said on Friday that the arrest warrant issued against Karic in 2006 was still valid, and that no arrest warrant was issued in the separate case that has been abandoned.


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