Final donor conference donations figure: EUR 106mn

The recent donor conference in Brussels, organized to help Serbia recover from the May floods, raised slightly over EUR 106 million in donations.

Source: Tanjug

A list of donations to Serbia has been published on the website of the Serbian Government Office for Reconstruction and Flood Relief, which said that a total of EUR 106,867,611 was raised.

The Office said that the list has been sent to the Serbian mission to the EU in Brussels.

The biggest donor is the European Union, which pledged EUR 80 million.

Switzerland donated EUR 5.9 million, with Japan donating EUR 5 million, Norway EUR 4.1 million, and Austria, Sweden and the United States each pledging EUR 2 million.

Turkey gave EUR 1.35 million, Great Britain EUR 1.25 million, France donated EUR 1 million, while Hungary pledged EUR 500,000.

Algeria donated EUR 370,000, while Slovakia pledged EUR 330,000.

Slovenia raised EUR 150,000 for Serbia, Macedonia and Albania each pledged EUR 100,000, with the Czech Republic donating EUR 111,111.

Poland donated EUR 80,000, with Armenia, India, Indonesia and Morocco each pledging EUR 74,000.

Bulgaria donated EUR 50,000, Mexico pledged EUR 37,000, while Canada donated EUR 36,000. The smallest donation - EUR 7,500 - came from Andorra.

The Brussels donor conference, aimed at helping Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina recover from the May floods, was held on July 16.

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić informed the participants of the event that the flood damage in Serbia had been estimated at EUR 1.5 billion.

The conference raised a total of EUR 995 million to help Serbia - most of it consisting of what officials said are "favorable loans."

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