1. To Naim,
    I don't know what planet you living on!
    Serbia one of a few smaller Countries that has growth in Europe,and not to do with Pristina!
    The news is Vucic mob are putting a Brom thru corruption,don't you have New's where you live.
    We had in Belgrade, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Germany USA,Russian,UAE ,business expanding.
    We have new countries/ business growth on its way!(Cuba, Iran,South Korea,Kazakhstan,Vietnam, Norway,etc).You are a primitive uneducated person,but majority Shiptars are.
    Serbia is moving forward, and nothing to do with Pristina. Shiptars are not building Serb highway 's corridors, Fast train track,bridges, ports.
    I live in Serbia and have travelled thru Durres,Tirana,Pristina ,and Pec.
    You Shiptars are so primitive. that have family blood fueds!
    You think POOR Serbia depends on Pristina's business to surive only,you are dreaming.
    P's I am not the only Westerner that has moved back home after the Communist have left!
    (sasa.p, 28 December 2015 23:26)

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  2. sasa.p, 25 December 2015

    Serbia Does not have the economy..
    everything is done through bribes.. If you give this amount - you get this.. Missing long term foreign investments due to corruption - once I have observed how easy you buy Serbians - they just looking at your hand what you give

    Living in IMF loans is it good idea?
    Manufacturers trends falling Year on year.
    Export falling - the only country the Serbian export has an increased trend is our state of Kosova.. Living from our give aways.

    Our corrupted Government should stop this we can produce things ourselves so let the Serbian economy die slowly.

    Serbia will remain the poorest in that region this is due to the generation getting old. The people born on 70 they are the ones to run it. Birth rate is low and population is dying down.

    Just this is how I want to see Serbia keep on going.
    (Naim, 26 December 2015 21:05)

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  3. It will get better, now that Iran,Cuba,Belarus, Kazakhstan, Japan, etc,etc want to have business dealings with Serbia. I see the difference travelling around Serbia,in the last 3 years.
    Where are the Shiptars, Croatnut's, and fellow Mussis, to critisize Serbia ?,as they always do!.
    (sasa.p, 25 December 2015 21:12)

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  4. Economics will determine the outcome of the region and not bullshit politics.

    Those that grow their economies and entice foreign firms to locate on their territories will have influence in the region and its outcome.

    Serbia is the most conveniently located place in South Europe for firms eager to reach a marketplace of 75 Million people located 1-10 hours away by truck.

    Everything else debated here is bull.

    Just keep growing your economy.
    (factman, 25 December 2015 20:44)

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