1. For 23 years Russia sponsored Ukraine total USD 250 Bln. to grow up Russophobe elites here. Now itís EUís turn to pay for itís own vassalís bills. I am eager to see how soon their patience will be over. Yet EU still tries to drink and whistle at the same time. On one hand they try to cut Russiaís wings by forbidding the Stream and on the other they try to revive the dead Ukrainian transit route. This state has almost stopped to exist moving fast to anarchy and fragmentation. So the Russian stake on the Stream is the only way out. This winter it will become evident to every blind and deaf in Europe. Confrontation with Russia only increases the threats for the EU for NATO and other Anglo-Saxon institutions. Especially now that the nationalists are gaining the elections , EU gas production is falling , US can help nothing , Arabs sell their gas to the East and the Russians are winning the combat in Ukraine while Russia is turning eastward.
    (RK, 29 May 2014 20:08)

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