1. Serbia in the past two years , has taken a big step towards joining the European society of developed economies . At the beginning of the EU accession negotiations , obtained recognition for all the many years necessary , and delayed measures , structural reforms , especially those related to an uncompromising fight against corruption and crime , which were found a good shelter in Serbian politics , economy and administration . Continuation of reforms in the society at a faster pace, and then planned accession to the EU , Serbia will join the company of the most powerful European countries , of which the country will be able to benefit , not only in economic terms but also in terms of , modernization of the Serbian education system better organization of the public sector and completely change the observation angle from which the western people look at their role and mission in society , never forgetting that only if every citizen concerned perfecting himself and his household , and the state can become and remain wealthy and well-organized .
    (Višnja, 31 January 2014 05:00)

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