1. Just as in (searching for) GUT (grand unified theory), we (as a humanity) should ask ourselves what it is that we're trying to achieve. Without that unified goal before us, in our hearts and in our brains, we will continue to wander through swamps and mud of various "historical" epochs and various catch words, such as "(our) values", "(our) liberties", "healthy competition", "us/them", "export/import", "deficit/sufficit" (?), "rogue states", "dictator regime(s)", "our national interests" (usually in a far away country rich in oil and gas, coal, minerals, diamonds, or gold), etc. ... West European and USA people, as well the rest of the world, should learn and understand we can not live on one planet and still have all of these divisions, and then live in peace. Reasons are numerous, but some are more evident to economically richer, some are more evident to economically poorer countries and people; for instance, if colonial (read: criminal) superpowers of former times enslaved so many countries and stole so much from them, then we can't co-exist much longer in such a disparity that we witness now; we will either share what we have - thus becoming a civilization of good, or we will continue to invest trillions of dollars per year in militaries, in thousands of new fighting airplanes, tens of thousands of tanks, millions of new guns, billions of pieces of ammunition, followed by uncountable work hours spent on it, political decisions that rely on pure force, wars, misery, poverty, slavery, tyranny, economic disasters, etc., until, one day, one side (or two or three sides) finally win and enslaves and conquers the rest of the world. ... Until we reach that state of mind, we shall continue engaging in our "just wars", where average redneck Joe will, as a voting machine and a tax paying and military and in fact (knowingly or unknowingly) terrorism sponsoring citizen, continue supporting the same politics that got us here, the same ideology, but a more dangerous technology that can kill more, make more people suffer more, and reach everyone, everywhere. ... We are far from a better world, as we got used to being our own enemies.
    (lkj, 21 December 2012 03:43)

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