1. continuing....

    This writing clearly shows, how dumb, how paranoic the Yanks are. They can think only black and white and in their little mind everything is simple.

    a) The good guys are the democrats, opposing Moscow, pro-European, pro Kosovo-independence, loving Albanian separatists. The good guys should be pro-American because America's destiny is to lead the fight of good versus evil.

    b) The bad guys are pro-Moscow communists/nationalists who use poor Kosovo-Albanians as cevapcici-ingredients, mixed with Chechen parts delivered straight from evil Moscow.

    This is probably what inside of the brain of that journalist is. Provided, he knows where Belgrade is. Hint: it's not near Basra, that's Baghdad. Clichés, clichés... and in NY Times! I can imagine, what kind of stupidities some redneck-news from rural Alabama can write.
    (Ataman, 30 April 2008 17:49)
  2. "“It could help the elections next month turn into a test of whether Serbia wishes to join the EU, the largest trade bloc in the world, or turn towards nationalism and the road towards closer cooperation with Moscow,” writes the New York Times"

    That writing came straight from an idiot. Moscow's dream is precisely Serbia being in E.U. - see Lavrov's comments. Such writings just show, how dumb Americans can be. This can lead to their utter defeat. Do they think, Nikolic is Moscow's best friend? Not until Zhirinovsky is the P.M. or president. And that will be only if a squadron of pigs takes of from Zhukovskiy airfield. I know, I was born next to that airfield. Tell you a secret: so far, only MIG-s and SU-s, no pigs.
    (Ataman, 30 April 2008 17:36)
  3. Somehow I doubt this "fake" signing of the SAA will help Tadic, I believe it will actually hurt him at the polls. The majority of Serbs are against joining the EU without Kosovo. We will see.
    (Matthew, 30 April 2008 16:48)
  4. The Yanks and the EU really believe that the signing of the SAA will boost DS ratings. I say we'll just have to wait and see, although this has more chance of having negative effects on their standing, so...
    (Crveni Vuk, 30 April 2008 14:03)