1. Peter rocks for brains......

    Amazing how you Albos/Siptari accuse Serbia of taking orders from Russia. In fact there are NO Russian military bases in Serbia. Thats a fact. There are NO military treaties between Serbia and Russia.
    Serbia follows its own course, as do 75%-80% of the worlds countries who have also not imposed sanctions on Russia. Are they all taking orderes from Moscow...??.. lol...

    Now lets look at the fake state of Kosovo...…..
    That was a land grab by you Siptari with imperial Americas help. There is a nato base in K+M which the yanks run. You Siptari depend on the yanks for your existance. You are begging them to build a permanent base in K+M. Why...??
    You Siptari cant go to the toilet without yankee approval...lol...

    But you can pretend to be a country up until the yanks collapse, go bankrupt and go home (they are now $31 trillion in debt).
    The moment yanks go home (and they will one day) is the time for your thieving Siptari to pack your bags and move to Albania or Turkey. You Siptari can keep on kissing yankee a*s as long as you want. But the day is coming.......

    Time is a virtue.... tik, tok, tik, tok...…..
    (OSMANIS XXX LARGE KNICKERS, 4 July 2022 16:23)

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  2. Nothing interesting here. Just an sovereign state making decision for their own interest. You dont have to like it it’s ok.

    As for Kosova if its independent or not, even K.serbs know the reality. There is no other option and has Never been. You dont have to agree about it but you Will learn to respect it.

    Vucic you are not stupid, you just play stupid. Kosova president is in every international meeting where you are and you wonder if Kosova is independent and about 1244?!

    As for 1244 it is dead long ago and you know it. Just like Yugoslavia. What are you going to do about it?! Nothing because Kosova mean nothing to you but the wealth. There is no serbs here and that mean you are not willing to die for Kosova. Albanians fought for Kosova with ak47 against Yugoslav tanks reamember?! We won our sacred land with blood the war is over move on!
    (Demi, 29 June 2022 22:22)

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  3. The great lie for the plebs is that NATO is somehow a grand force for peace and an angelic purely defensive force to counter 'aggression'. The USA has 800 overseas bases, compared to a handful of Russian bases abroad, most of which are within the borders of the former USSR. China has a solitary overseas navel base. It cannot, therefore, be our Russian, Chinese or Iranian brothers that are directly threatening world peace and stability.
    (Jovan Radusin, 29 June 2022 21:30)

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  4. Say yes to the death of EU.
    (No EU, 29 June 2022 21:07)

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  5. Russian collaborators in Serbias government must have just received instructions from master Vlad Puuutin !

    Let the dice roll !!!
    (Peter The Rocky Mountains, 29 June 2022 21:06)

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