1. This seems like nothing more than tit for tat from the muslim side.
    As far as I can see there was an arrest warrant for Edin Vranje since 2018.
    On the other hand the arrest of Radovan Veljovic is nothing more than tit for tat. Was there a warrant for Mr Veljovics arrest..?
    Seems that there was not. Seems that the Bosnian muslims deceded to just arrest anyone of Serbian origin in reply to Mr Vranjes arrest. Seems that Mr Veljovic was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'll bet that if Vranje was not arrested then Veljovic would not have either.
    Appears that Sarajevo just makes up charges as they go along. If they had suspected Mr Veljic of any crimes then where was the warrant for his arrest.??
    Pathetic from the muslims in Sarajevo.
    (KURTIS WIG, 15 September 2021 17:22)

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