1. My kingdom is not of this world.
    Give to Cesare what belongs to him.
    (Joachim, 27 February 2020 16:59)

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  2. "Ukrainian Metropolitan to lead liturgy in Podgorica"

    "Metropolitan Onufriy of Kiev and all Ukraine arrives on Thursday to visit the Metropolitanate of Montenegro"

    "He will, along with Metropolitan Amfilohije, head the liturgy in Podgorica tomorrow to PROTEST the adoption of the Freedom of Religion Act."

    - Looks like Ukrainians grew some extra backbone and balls.
    - Looks like the "Freedom of Religion Act" is not about freedom of religion.

    The importance of the Church in Ukraine is not that big - but this act is quite important from Ukraine.

    Serious thanks to Ukrainians.
    (Ataman, 27 February 2020 02:27)

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