1. Screw the EU
    (No EU, 1 June 2018 05:06)

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  2. Very nice for Serbia! As the biggest Balkan state still not in the EU, this marks an important next step towards EU membership.

    It's unfair to compare Serbia to Montenegro for the speed of accession, as a smaller nation such as Montenegro will have less trouble meeting criteria.

    Even if the Serbian people turn against the idea of joining the EU later on, moving forward with improving copyright law, work safety and ease of business in the country can only be a good thing for Serbia.

    Whilst I think that the EU will be a welcome improvement to Serbia and her ability to project herself on the world stage. I understand that others see things differently and would rather not jeopardise relationships with other countries, namely Russia, by joining the EU. However, countries like Bulgaria and Cyprus are in the EU and still maintain decent ties with Russia.

    I am British so I don't really have a horse in this race, I just wish Serbia and her people good luck no matter which path they choose.
    (Zephyross, 30 May 2018 18:55)

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  3. It's funny, Montenegro, which is a mess of corruption, crime and ruled by a criminal dictatorship opened virtually all chapters the moment it joined, but Serbia has only managed to open 12? If this doesn't show the bias and double standards of the EU, nothing will
    (Truth hurts., 30 May 2018 15:19)

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