"Serbia cannot make any more concessions"

NIŠ -- PM Ivica Dačić says Serbia cannot make any more concessions in the dialogue with Priština and that Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci is the one who should give in.

Ivica Dačić (Tanjug, file)
Ivica Dačić (Tanjug, file)

“An agreement is possible, I am trying, I have spoken with Thaci six times but if Thaci believes that he does not have to give anything in order to reach an agreement then it is very difficult to expect that the agreement will be reached,” he explained.

“If someone expects Serbia to keep giving in, I want to tell them this – we have no more room to relent, we have reached the end. We are not lying, we are not bargaining and we are saying it openly. So, an agreement is possible but we are still far from it,” the prime minister pointed out.

“The Community of Serb Municipalities in Kosovo does not have to have legislative but it has to have executive powers in order to have something to do in the first place,” Dačić stressed.

“If anyone things that Serbs in Kosovo will be issuing magazines and that that will be enough power for the Community, then we are far from the agreement,” he told reporters in the southern town of Niš.

The PM said that an alleged draft agreement released by some media was not authentic and that the EU had not offered any drafts.

Dačić reiterated that no agreement or deal had been reached with Priština so far, adding that Priština had not changed its stance at all since the beginning of the talks.

“They do not accept executive powers for the Community of Serb Municipalities. It remains to be seen if it is possible to reach some kind of a deal. The next meeting is scheduled for March 20 in Brussels and we will see how the talks will go,” the prime minister said and stressed that he had no new details about the talks.