Serbia sending the wrong message

BELGRADE -- Vladimir Goati said that Serbia is sending the wrong message with recent remarks regarding the referendum.

The political analyst said that Serbia is sending a bad message with the announcements that there will be no Kosovo Albanians on the voter list for the constitutional referendum.

“It is pointless to state that they are not on the voter list, because they are boycotting all Serbian elections. If you recognize someone as a citizen of your country, then you cannot take away his or her right to boycott.” Goati told Novi Sad daily Dnevnik.

“To those who are against us, they will without any problem be able to reach a conclusion from this that Serbia is showing that it does not see Kosovo as a part of the state which has equal rights, or that it does not see it as being a part of the state at all. Of course, it is clear that the involvement with the voter list tries to hide the wishes of the political elite to have the new constitution adopted.” Goati said.

Who will control the referendum?

Marko Blagojević of the Center for free Elections and Democracy (CESID) said that it would not be a good move to have officials in the elections councils be solely of affiliation with parties that support the passing of the referendum.

“It is important to have observers at the polling stations at all times, who do not share the interests of the party officials.” Marko Blagojević said.