Christmas Day celebrated throughout Serbia

Serb Orthodox Christians in the country and abroad are this Monday marking Christmas, the holiday of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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    (trudsaam, 7 January 2013 20:18)

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  2. Jesus was not born in December or January who knows who you worship poor misguided people those dates have origin in paganism in their high holidays.
    (Lenard, 7 January 2013 17:52)

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  3. George of Serbia

    Happy Christmas!! The world will end a lot sooner than your prediction however, but not in the way people think it will. Things are going to change big time a lot sooner than that. Have a good one.
    (Spartan, 7 January 2013 17:01)

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  4. A merry christmas to all our orthodox neighbours in Serbia!
    (Fikret, 7 January 2013 13:52)

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  5. Thanks George of Serbia! Merry Christmas!
    (Daniel, 7 January 2013 12:00)

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  6. Wonder why the Orthodox Christmas is delayed with 2 weeks? Well, the Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar in 45 BCE and replaced the old Roman calendar. The Julian calendar was in turn replaced by the Gregorian calendar in 1582. It is the Gregorian calendar that is commonly used today as the civil calendar in most contries. However, the some Ortodox Churches still stick to the Julian calendar. Curiosities about the Julian calendar: The Julian calendar has a fixed number of 365 days per year with a leap year every 4 years. This fixed pattern introduced an error of one day every 128 years, which meant that every 128 years the year shifts one day backwards with respect to the calendar. After 2057 years of use, the Julian calendar induced an accumulated error of 14 days relative to the modern Gregorian calendar. Therefore, the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated 2 weeks after the Catholic. The next day addition is planned for the year 2100 where there will be 15 days in between the Christmases. As you are rightly conlcuding, the whole Orthodox Christian world is slowly but surely travelling back in time. Another curiosity is that the Julian calendar has a predetermined duration of 7980 years. This was determined because it is a time period long enough to include all of recorded history and includes some time in the future that would incorporate the three important calendrical cycles(...). So the humanity can expect another End-of-World drama in the year 5923.
    (George of Serbia, 7 January 2013 11:17)

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