Government shuts down International Radio Serbia

After nearly 80 years since it was founded, the state-owned Radio Yugoslavia - International Radio Serbia will shut down on July 31.

Izvor: B92

Friday, 31.07.2015.


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Government shuts down International Radio Serbia

With the decision, 96 employees have lost their jobs.

They issued a statement saying that despite the fact the state of Serbia is in an economic crisis, they are "not entirely clear on why this media outlet was marked as a hurdle to the country's economic progress, EU integrations, and why it needs to be abolished with a single cut."

"Serious analyses and recommendations of renowned experts that this type of global radio service is something Serbia needs to present itself in the best way, that no serious country gives up on this kind of promotion and we could say, cheap but efficeint diplomacy, have all been in vain," the statement pointed out.

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