Vučić: "Jagodina will get an MRI and a mammogram by March" PHOTO/VIDEO

The list "Aleksandar Vučić - Serbia must not stop" held a pre-election rally today in the sports hall in Jagodina.

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Sunday, 10.12.2023.



Vučić: "Jagodina will get an MRI and a mammogram by March" PHOTO/VIDEO

"Better times are coming. Every house will have security for its future. Peace, stability and a secure future for us and our children. The next and the years ahead will be much better because of the reforms," said Vučić.

"It will take one day for them to unite in a coalition against Serbia"

"When the war in Ukraine started, I was careful. Let's not destroy the position towards Kosovo and Metohija, and at the same time destroy friendship with Russia overnight by introducing sanctions. And then everyone screamed and then many voted for other political parties. That's why I got involved in this campaign, to at least give something back, because I led a policy that was good for the country, not for my party," said Vučić.

"They joked that Vučić would impose sanctions on Russia after the elections on April 3. April 4 comes and goes, a whole year passes, and Vučić does not introduce sanctions. And right after April 3, they remembered to say 'Vučić is against Europe, we have to introduce sanctions'. Djilas says that the position of the SSP is generally known to be for the introduction of sanctions, and then a month later he says that the position of the SSP is generally known against the introduction of sanctions. So much for consistency. All of them, whatever they say now, it will take them one day to unite in a coalition against Serbia. Therefore, in order to defeat them, I am asking you to vote for the 'Serbia must not stop' list. This is the only guarantee that we will save Serbia," said Vučić.

"Jagodina will receive an MRI and a mammogram by March, we will rebuild the hospital"

Vučić stated today in Jagodina that the city will receive magnetic resonance imaging device MRI and mammography by March and announced the renovation of the general hospital, in which 48 million euros will be invested.

"We will begin the renovation of the general hospital, which requires 48 million euros, and we will invest in Jagodina because Pomoravlje district must have the best possible hospital," said Vučić.

"I'm proud"

"I am proud of all these people who are in front of us. I am proud of everyone who represents a decent Serbia, thank you to all the wonderful people who supported the progress of Serbia," said Vučić.

Vučić recalled the opening of the gas network in Niš.

"Today and yesterday I spent the whole day in Nis. Today we opened the interconnector, we continue to work on the infrastructure. For you in the Pomoravlje district, the Belgrade-Nis railway is important, which is a guarantee for the arrival of investors," said Vučić.

Address by pediatrics specialist Dr. Nenad Djurović

The citizens were first addressed by a pediatrician, Dr Nenad Djurović.

"I started my life here in Jagodina. I spent my childhood in Gornja Resava. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in Kragujevac, I was entrusted by the state and the President of the Republic to improve my knowledge in Jagodina. I completed specialist studies in Belgrade, and then returned in Jagodina to start a family", said Djurović and added:

"Our hospital received two scanners, I hope that the president will listen to the requests that we receive new procedures and new drugs."

"Everything I talked about has a certain flow. It is the way forward. Please let us follow our president Vučić on this path, because Serbia must not stop. Long live Serbia," concluded Djurović.

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