Vučić speaks: "I will not be President if those who speak badly about Serbia win"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addresses the public.

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Friday, 08.12.2023.


Vučić speaks:

Vučić speaks: "I will not be President if those who speak badly about Serbia win"

President Vucic talks about what has been achieved, but also about the plans for the next period, as well as the upcoming elections.

"During my visit to Kruševac, I said that I am a bit tired of everything I face on a daily basis. I always say what we have done and what the plans are, and it is almost impossible to answer all the accusations against the family," said Vučić.

He added that such a policy of the opposition, which reduces it only to attacks directed at him, is not good and has no content to offer.

"Politics is not mathematics, life is not mathematics. Mathematics is important, but taking care of people is much more important than any mathematics. I think they made a mistake and thought that simple addition was enough, as they learned. And it became a caricature, whatever the question is - they answer: I hate Vučić... Person A - I hate Vučić, person B - I hate Vučić, person C - no, no, I hate Vučić," he said.

As he says, whenever he has time, he tries to help promote the "Serbia must not stop" list.

He referred to the visit of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, which he considers very important for the promotion of Serbia.

President of Serbia also announced an increase in salaries and pensions. He announced that a list will soon appear on which there will be an ever larger number of famous and successful people who will support the list "Aleksandar Vučić - Serbia must not stop" with their names and surnames.

"As for December 18, it will be a good, beautiful day in which it will be clear that Serbia continues on the path of prosperity and progress, the path for the future," said Vučić.

About Matthew Palmer's statement

"Did you hear what Trifunović said? When he imitated Palmer. The most interesting statement to me is Palmer's statement, which is: Guys, what can we do to help you? Now I tell the citizens, why is this important. And why do you think the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State wants to help them? And why should he help them, what bothers you about someone you want to help them against?" asked Vučić.

"I think people understand that very well. The bottom line is what the Americans wanted, not what they wanted," said Vučić, commenting on the opposition's meetings with the U.S. official.

Vučić also commented on the name-calling directed at him by actor Dragan Bjelogrlić, as well as his statement about the "zoo" in which he does not want to live. "I could respond with much more brutal insults, which are facts, but I won't do that. Not because of Bjelogrlić, but because the state has invested a lot in films. We have reached an absurd situation. Miketić was not photographed by the BIA, they decided to take a picture, while consuming drugs from the MP's salary. When they take drugs, it is Vučić's fault. Tonight, one of them cursed me in a message at 00:43 with brutal insults. Those from the so-called Serbia against violence list are the biggest bullies. When you give interview for NIN, Vučić is to blame. That's the only campaign for you. You've seen this Obradović, a faceless guy, who is a candidate for mayor, he made a video out of what we had accomplished," President of Serbia said.

"I don't want to be president if those who talk about Serbia like this win..." Vučić said.

"I realized something from all of this, pay attention to where all of this is being said. They go to Zagreb to speak. And what are you doing against your country? You never even thought of making a film about Jasenovac. Where did these others go? To talk in Berlin with Viola Von Cramon. I am proud that during this time I was the leader of a free and libertarian Serbia. And I will repeat that I will not be president if they rule. And in this, I differ from them. That is why I am their greatest problem, because I'm not afraid of them. What will they do? They want to send me to prison. I don't have millions. They have nothing against me. That's why I'm an unsolved enigma for them. I want an independent, free Serbia, and they want a submissive Serbia, that will apologize to all", stated Vucic.

About Marinika Tepić's statement that he is a "dictator" ​

"They have nothing to say, all they do is swear and insult... Marinika Tepić, together with Djilas, is the mastermind of the attack on my family, my brother, my children, my parents. Danilo is a decent and well-mannered young man. He knows how to respect others, he is a great a believer. My son goes to liturgies several times a week. But someone must be guilty," he said.

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