Brnabić: "The program of the opposition is hatred towards Vučić" VIDEO

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said today that the mantra that Aleksandar Vučić is to blame for everything is being repeated again and again.

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Tuesday, 05.12.2023.



Brnabić: "The program of the opposition is hatred towards Vučić" VIDEO

Brnabić stated that Vučić is also to blame for the fact that other people sing offensive songs about him, such as the SPS member from Blac.

She was hosted in the morning program of Prva television and pointed out that the opposition has shown that their campaign consists only and exclusively of hatred towards Aleksandar Vučić and that absolutely everyone is unanimous in that position.

"This is, on the one hand, the dirtiest campaign, while at the same time it is the most bizarre campaign that our society can witness. The opposition itself demanded elections, threatened what would happen if the elections were not held by the end of the year - if they don't go their way, there will be roadblocks, and blocking of the international travel routes. And one would think that people have a ready-made campaign, developed ideas, a program. And their campaign consists of only one thing - unadulterated hatred towards Aleksandar Vučić and his family. They insulted his mother, father, sons... We didn't see any ideology, any plans, goals, what they would do, change. Their only topic is "Boo, Aleksandar Vučić" and "Vučić the fag", Brnabić said.

She said that in one part of the media, so-called debates are organized in which representatives of opposition parties only say that they hate Aleksandar Vučić. "You have shows on tycoon televisions, they call them pre-election debates on various topics. The topic is Kosovo and Metohija - a speaker from one party says that he hates Aleksandar Vučić. Another about Kosovo and Metohija says that he hates Vučić even more, the third that he hates him a lot, and the fourth one says that he can't stand President Vučić the most of all. The host (says) well, let's go to the next topic of sanctions against Russia - yes or no, let's hear the first participant in the debate. The first one says Aleksandar Vučić is a generator of violence, the second one says that "Vučić is a bully'', the third says that Aleksandar Vučić is the worst, and the fourth that he is killing Serbia. Well, thank you, let's move on to the next topic... That is a picture of the opposition's campaign," said Prime Minister.

Brnabić underlined that it is impossible that just one person is to blame for everything that happens in our country.

"Whatever happens in Serbia - he is to blame, Aleksandar Vucic is to blame. Now that man from the SPS, who insulted the president through a vulgar song, is now the victim in the tycoon media, and the guilty villain is Aleksandar Vučić. It was everywhere, on all social networks, everyone saw it, and then Aleksandar Vučić says, I quote - ''So much for innovative plans for Serbia''.

The man said nothing more. And this is what we have today, they want to evict a man and the one who signs is miserable, poor, and Aleksandar Vučić is a villain. Even the woman who organized that celebration says today that Aleksandar Vučić is abusing her late father for political purposes. Because he was the subject of an offensive song, he is guilty, and the man who sang that song is not responsible for it, and the woman at whose celebration it was sung is also not guilty. Really crazy," said Brnabić.

Prime Minister compared insulting the president through a song to a case three years ago.

"When some people sang to Djilas that he was a thief, he came out, filmed himself, cried, said that someone was threatening his children. Then it was not a song, but a threat, the entire opposition came out to protect Mr. Djilas. And when it is sung 'Vučiću pederu', then it is a work of art, the one about whom the song is sung is guilty and the one who sings is the victim. Neither the one who sang, nor the one who filmed, nor the one who organized the celebration, nor the one who released the video on social networks, no one. Aleksandar Vučić is solely to blame!", pointed out Brnabić.

Speaking about the campaign, Prime Minister said that it is bizarre how the opposition denies itself day after day. "Today, in the tycoon media, we had the opportunity to read that the Serbian Progressive Party has inserted bots among the taxi drivers. Do you see what level of insanity is that? Those who initiated strikes at the post office, so that pensioners would not receive their pensions, the Sloga union of Dragan Djilas did it, their media today they claim that we are introducing bots among taxi drivers. That's how the campaign is going for us.

For three years, people have been talking about us settling voters in Belgrade, 500 people a day, and the main people in the opposition - Dragan Djilas, Djordje Miketić and Miki G17+ Aleksić - are leading the way. Then the fourth man, Dobrica Veselinović, comes out and says that his people are lying, that it is not true and that SNS planted it. This is their campaign," said the prime minister.

Brnabić clearly emphasized that she was sorry that everyone in our society did not unequivocally condemn the drug use of Djordje Miektić, who as a member of parliament should set an example to others with his behavior.

"Djordje Miketić himself was filmed in such behavior. He was filmed while taking drugs and in some other illegal activities. That MP is also on a list that says it is fighting for a normal, decent Serbia. Really? Snorting cocaine is decent and normal Serbia? Do you understand that the MP used money of all citizens to buy cocaine? Do you know that buying and consuming narcotics is a crime? This is done by MP Djordje Miketić, who says on the video that he will pay for all of this with his parliamentary salary. I think that it is important for the sake of a normal, decent Serbia. Decent Serbia doesn't do drugs.

And the fact that one of the main people from the Serbia against violence list uses drugs was not condemned by anyone is especially appalling. Neither Milica Zavetnica nor Boško Obradović, who stand for family values, not a word to say that the MP is taking drugs, what kind of example is he setting for children. I am very sorry that neither Branko Ružić from the Socialist Party of Serbia, who was the Minister of Education in my Government did not clearly condemn it yesterday. I believe that those very people, who held such positions as the Minister of Education, because of those students and youth, that it was they who had to say that snorting cocaine is unacceptable and something that cannot be tolerated in our society," Brnabić concluded.

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