Vučić in Užice: Two MRI devices provided; "I will not serve foreign embassies" VIDEO

The list "Aleksandar Vučić - Serbia must not stop" is holding a pre-election rally in the Sports Hall "Veliki Park" in Užice.

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Wednesday, 29.11.2023.


Vučić in Užice: Two MRI devices provided;

Vučić in Užice: Two MRI devices provided; "I will not serve foreign embassies" VIDEO

The hall was filled with a large number of people, and in front of the hall there were still people who could not enter because the capacity was filled.

At the end, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, addresses the crowd. The gathered citizens greeted him with thunderous applause and chants.

At the beginning of his presentation, he invited the audience to greet Milan Stamatović with applause. As he said, when the talks with Stamatović started, everyone knew how to criticize.

As he said, they decided to work. "For us, the highway to Požega, the most difficult part of the highway, will be about three kilometers with difficult tunnels. When we finish it, it will be much easier for the people of Užice," Vučić said.

"We will immediately start building a high-speed road to Bela zemlja and Visegrad, thereby solving Mokra Gora and Užice," he added. Before the end of this year, the money for the hall in Užice will be approved, Vučić promised. "We don't all dream the same dreams, some people just work to get through the day..." said Vučić.

"However, where did I go wrong... I guess your head is full of worries, from Kosovo to world problems, because all of them can somehow harm Serbia. And now, you should protect the country... That's why you forget some important things. Waiting lists for magnetic MRI has been in Užice for three years, so in exactly ten days a new MRI will arrive in Užice and in three months another one will arrive," he said.

"I will not be a submissive servant to any foreign power, I only want to serve the Serbian people. I will not have any foreign embassy decide my policy, our people will decide while I am the President of Serbia," he said.

"You don't know anything about Kosovo and the sanctions, the only thing you know is how you're going to destroy someone and their family. Just so you know, there are people who never give up and fight to the end, people for whom it doesn't matter how much sweat they shed, who will always fight against such people. Everyone says that they will rule together, but no one asks the people," he said.

He also announced the victory over Dragan Djilas and Dragan Šolak and "their bosses from outside".
Defense Minister Miloš Vučević said in Užice that Serbia must not be humiliated and that it is Vučić who fights for its interests always and everywhere.

"People, you have two options: You have Aleksandar Vučić and Dragan Djilas; You have two roads, you have two Serbias. You have the Serbia of the people, the successful one, the one that cannot stop and the Serbia of locked factories. And that's why the choice on December 17 is clear - Aleksandar Vučić or Dragan Djilas," said Vučević.
Milan Stamatović also addressed the crowd.

"We from these areas have the greatest desire and energy for this coalition to succeed. United, we from the local with our many decades of experience from the state level and under the leadership of our president Aleksandar Vučić, we have a future and we will achieve success," said Stamatović.

Stamatović was interrupted several times in his presentation by shouting greetings to the President of Serbia who had arrived at the meeting. The leader of Healthy Serbia, Milan Stamatović, said that he has been in politics for a long time and that he knows how it was before and how it is now.

He pointed out that the "bloody Ibarska highway" was a one-way road, and young people who went to graduate from university did not return.

"It's not like that today. With the construction of the "Milos the Great" highway, we got a two-way road," he said. Prof. Dr Jelena Drulović spoke at the beginning of the meeting.

"I am happy that I live in Serbia today, given the huge changes in the health care system," she said. "We are treating a significantly larger number of patients with all the innovative drugs available in the world," said Drulović.

She pointed out that the fact is that the country employs a huge number of medical personnel, as well as that many young people return to their country in search of work in this profession.

The crowd chants all the time: "Serbia must not stop".

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