Ukraine is fiercely attacked; Soldiers deserting battlefield?

War in Ukraine: 644th day. The Black Sea frigate of the Russian Federation carried out an attack with four cruise missiles on Ukrainian military infrastructure.

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Wednesday, 29.11.2023.


Ukraine is fiercely attacked; Soldiers deserting battlefield?
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Ukraine is fiercely attacked; Soldiers deserting battlefield?

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, announced that the Russian Air Defense Forces had destroyed a drone launched by Ukrainian forces towards the Russian capital.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the foreign ministers of the Alliance members reiterated their determination to support Ukraine on its way to the Alliance, as well as its defense in the war with Russia.

Ukrainians deserted battlefield: 200 dead soldiers remained

The Ukrainian army left about 200 soldiers dead during a panicked withdrawal from their positions near Donetsk, said Jan Gagin, an adviser to the DNR leader.

"The abandoned Ukrainian positions near Donetsk are filled with a huge number of corpses of Ukrainian soldiers who were left behind. The enemy did not even try to evacuate them as they fled from the area. So far, we have counted about two hundred (dead Ukrainian soldiers)," Gagin said in an interview for Russia for the state news agency TASS.

He added that Russian forces are now evacuating the bodies of dead Ukrainian soldiers. Gagin said earlier this month that the number of Ukrainian soldiers buried in trenches on the front lines of defense near Donetsk had decreased by at least three times because of their escape.

By the way, the Russian army has been fiercely attacking Avdiyivka, a city in eastern Ukraine not far from Donetsk, for weeks. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported a few days ago that the Russians have made some progress. The head of the military administration of Avdiyivka, Vitaly Barabash, confirmed that the fighting is getting fiercer and that the Russians are advancing from several directions.

A surprise mission of the Black Sea Fleet

The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that the frigate of the Black Sea Fleet carried out a surprise mission and struck Ukrainian military targets with four "Calibr" missiles, causing their destruction.

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