"We have evidence; Serbs were brutally killed"; An order to kill them all was issued

At an extraordinary press conference, Director of Office for Kosovo-Metohija Petar Petković stated that Serbia knows why EULEX was not given access to Banjska.

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Thursday, 28.09.2023.


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"We have evidence; Serbs were brutally killed"; An order to kill them all was issued

"I called today's press conference to inform the public about everything that happened during the tragic conflicts in Banjska," he said and added that he wanted to explain why EULEX was not given access in the investigation in Banjska.

"Why is everyone silent now except President Vučić and why was the so-called Kosovo police alone at the scene, securing the place of the investigation alone?" asked Petković.

"EULEX did not participate in the investigation because the so-called Kosovo police wanted to hide certain evidence, to hide the truth. That truth is that Serbs were cold-blooded, brutally killed by the so-called Kosovo police. Everyone should know that. That's what they wanted to hide," he said.

As he says, Serbia has obtained reliable evidence, among other things, from protected witnesses, and it is about the fact that Voja Mijailović, the father of two children, was killed in cold blood and brutally, after being slightly wounded.

"He fell to the ground and surrendered. He was shot in the head by the Kosovo police."

"That is why it is crucial that an independent commission, together with Serbian pathologists, perform an autopsy," explained Petković, who said that the so-called Kosovo police have been hiding the bodies of murdered Serbs for the fourth day.

"That investigation will show that they were killed at close range," Petković emphasized.

"As the days pass, there will be more evidence that will expose all the lies of the Pristina authorities, but also of the international community, who cover it up and call the Serbs terrorists, while they call the killers law enforcement," says Petković.

He said that there is also a request to EULEX, which Serbia sent, in which they are asked to participate in the investigation.

"We are in contact with Miroslav Lajčak all the time, but yesterday we received information that they will hand over the bodies, and then they asked to collect DNA for identification. They are asking the children to test them and confirm their identity, which is bullying," Petković pointed out.

"They wanted to hide who was among the Kosovo policemen who killed the Serbs, we have evidence, clear and unambiguous. There were professional killers, gathered from various camps, they were sent with the intention of killing all the Serbs. An order was issued that they don't return until they kill them all. They should have cleaned the entire area," said Petković.

Also, according to his words, the ultimate goal of Pristina is now to prove that there is a connection between the official Belgrade and the murdered Serbs, which does not exist. Our only request was and still is for KFOR to be in the north of Kosovo, because according to all agreements, the Kosovo police have no right to be there.

"At this moment, the identification of the murdered Bojan and Igor has been carried out, and I have photos. Bojan's body was massacred. I cannot show the photos because they are not blurred," said Petković, stressing again that the autopsy was not carried out, a professional one, but the Kosovo side performed an autopsy. Serbia will not deviate from establishing the full truth.

He repeated that on September 24, there was no Kosovo police in Banjska, but an organized gang that was sent there to liquidate the Serbs.

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