Utter chaos in Slovenia: Houses flooded, torrents raging - there are dead PHOTO/VIDEO

Large torrential floods hit the north of Slovenia today, and the state meteorological service issued a red warning for that part of the country.

Izvor: Tanjug

Friday, 04.08.2023.


Utter chaos in Slovenia: Houses flooded, torrents raging - there are dead PHOTO/VIDEO
Foto: Profimedia

Utter chaos in Slovenia: Houses flooded, torrents raging - there are dead PHOTO/VIDEO

In half an hour, 30 liters of rain per square meter fell on Krvavec, reported Radio-television of Slovenia.

One person died in the floods in Kamnik in the north of Slovenia, the media reported.

The portal Kamnik.info announced that the water swept away an elderly resident in the area of the Bistričice settlement.

The police announced this morning that a local's body was found in front of a house in the Kamnik area, but that they could not go to the scene because of the floods. The most rain fell at the foot of the Julian Alps and in the area towards Gorenjska and Carinthia.

In those regions, between 100 and 200 liters of rain per square meter already fell during the night, which is equal to the monthly amount of precipitation, meteorologist Brane Gregorčič told Radio Slovenia.

He added that, however, not a drop of rain fell on the sea and in Bela Krajina.

"Today we tightened the warning for the northern part to red, there will be more heavy showers during today's day, and also during the night. The center of gravity of the precipitation will move from the west to the east, where in some places it hasn't even rained yet," Gregorcic said. Gregorcic said that the precipitation will begin to decrease only on Saturday, and will stop on Sunday evening. He pointed out that another fast rain front will pass on Sunday, but that there should not be any major problems then.

"But we have good news, in the next week the weather will stabilize, on Monday there will be showers in the interior, and from Tuesday it will be sunny, and in the second half it will be hot again, close to 30 degrees Celsius," said Gregorcic. Many landslides are causing problems, and during the night the most problems were in the areas of Carinthia and Gorenjska.

The rivers Gradaščica and Poljanska Sora have already flooded the banks, and during the day a significant flood wave is expected in Savinja, Kamniška Bistrica and Gradaščica.

The head of the regional information center of Gorenjska, Matej Kodrič, said that 15 landslides had been triggered, that many roads were impassable, and that the basements of residential and industrial buildings were flooded. In the north of Primorska, houses were flooded, and many landslides were triggered.

The Kanomlja Valley is cut off because all the roads leading there are impassable, Slovenian radio reported. Regional Civil Protection Commander Samo Kosmač told Radio Slovenia that the avalanches buried some roads that are impassable, which makes it difficult for rescuers to work. The worst is in the upper part of Baška Grapa, where landslides closed the main roads.

In the Upper Savinja Valley, the situation is catastrophic, and the biggest problem is caused by torrential rains that wash away bridges and houses, reported the correspondent of Radio Slovenia from Celje.

Residents across Carinthia were woken up this morning by alarm sirens.

The flow of the Drava at the border with Austria has increased sharply in recent hours, and the flow of the Meže before the confluence with Dravograd is about 350 cubic meters per second.

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