Punter amazed Europe; Fans in a trance, Obradovic revealed what he told the players

Partizan basketball players shocked Real in the middle of Madrid already in the first match of the quarter-final series of the Euroleague.

Izvor: B92

Wednesday, 26.04.2023.


Punter amazed Europe; Fans in a trance, Obradovic revealed what he told the players
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Punter amazed Europe; Fans in a trance, Obradovic revealed what he told the players

Belgrade black and white crew won 89:87 with Kevin Punter's three-pointer 0.4 seconds before the end.

Punter took the ball and at the very end of the attack scored over his keeper.

This is another basketball score that will go down in the history of Partizan, just like Dušan Kecman's legendary three-pointer exactly 13 years ago.

Partizan's team captain calmly talked about the spectacular three-pointer for the victory in Madrid.

Partizan fans waited for Punter after leaving the hall and greeted their hero with a standing ovation.

In addition to the black and whites, Punter also delighted the rest of Europe, especially the administrators of Euroleague social networks.

But also commentators from other countries, so listen to the eruption of enthusiasm in four different languages. The second match is scheduled for Thursday at 20:45, also in Madrid.

Partizan thus took a 1:0 lead in the quarter-final series against Madrid, and the first team to reach three victories will advance to the final four.

What is remembered besides the three-pointer are the reactions of the sports commentators worldwide.

Željko Obradović: No, not at all! That's what I told the players first...

Partizan coach Željko Obradović gave his first impressions after the victory in Madrid against Real, in the first match of the Top 8 phase of the Euroleague.

The black and whites won with the score 89:87, with a three-pointer by Kevin Punter with 0.4 seconds left in the match.

"Luck was on our side. We trusted him with that last attack and that was it. Kevin has great shot and we use his quality in those situations. It was a difficult game, there was a possibility that Real Madrid could win. Yes, now it's 1 :0 for us, but it's still only 1:0. Still, we're playing against Real," Obradović told Euroleague television.

He is known as a master of finishing the game, but this time he gave praise to the players.

"The players decided the game," Željko Obradović was clear.

He then spoke in front of the Serbian media.

"The beauty of basketball! They had a ball and a foul for them, and then we gave the ball to Kevin and he decided the game. We had a plan to attack, but Smajlagić got early fouls. Real is a serious team, we had problems in the game in the first half one-on-one in the low post. We got a lot of points that way, as well as offensive rebounds. We ended up winning on a three-pointer, even though they had nine more possessions than us. We can and must do better. There are some things that need to be done. Thanks to the fans, the Spaniards also noted that our fans were heard," Obradović said.

Can Partizan relax now, because they know they have two games in the Arena for sure?

"No, not at all! That's the worst thing we can do. And the first thing I said to the players in the dressing room," Obradović said.

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