B92.net learns: Walking route within Europride banned

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia did not ban the walk as part of Europride, which should be organized on Saturday, September 17 in Belgrade.

Izvor: B92

Tuesday, 13.09.2022.


B92.net learns: Walking route within Europride banned

B92.net learns: Walking route within Europride banned

As we were told, the route that the walk was supposed to take was banned.

Europride coordinator Goran Miletić commented on the news for B92.net and explained that "the walk is not banned, only the route has to change".

"Only the walking route is banned, not the walk. They cannot ban the walk. We will walk," Miletić told us, and announced the next steps.

On the other hand, the media published information that walking in the parade is banned for security reasons, because of threats from counter-protests scheduled on the same day, and there is a danger of conflict between the two groups.

This information was also published on the "Europride" Instagram account. Moreover, in the meantime, information appeared that the national liturgy (church procession) was also banned, "Sputnik" unofficially learns.

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