Vučić: The situation is not naive; I should remind them what they did to Serbia VIDEO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stated that the situation in Serbia, in connection with the crisis in Ukraine, is not naive at all.

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Monday, 28.02.2022.


Vučić: The situation is not naive; I should remind them what they did to Serbia VIDEO

Vučić: The situation is not naive; I should remind them what they did to Serbia VIDEO

Asked whether Serbia will bear the consequences of not imposing sanctions on Russia, as well as to comment on Carl Bildt's tweet that Serbia can say goodbye to the EU, the President of Serbia pointed out that it is a matter of the stronger bullying the weak.

"I don't remember such a difficult situation, to quote Lausevic, 'A year passes by, but a day never'. "I have aged in the previous three days as much as in the previous decade," Vucic said, commenting on the situation in Ukraine and the pressure on Serbia to impose sanctions on Russia.

Speaking about the request of the so-called Kosovo to be urgently admitted to NATO, Vučić emphasizes: "I first heard about it a couple of months ago, it is not the idea of ​​the Albanians from Kosovo, it is the idea of ​​their lobbyists in the EU and the USA," President of Serbia said.

"Why does it matter to them? First, they want to force four EU countries, which are members of NATO, to recognize the independence of the so-called Kosovo. You cannot become a member of NATO if you are not a state. That is a way, but also an excuse for some countries so that they accept that and say we have to because we have no other way out", he explained.

Vučić cited as another reason the attempt to put our country in a fait accompli situation, because, as he says, someone wants to tell us "only you are left to recognize Kosovo, and you have no choice".

"I cannot assess at the moment how real the danger is, but it's not naive at all for us. But my message to the citizens is that no matter how many of them recognize Kosovo, and whatever they do, unlike them, Serbia will stick to the public international law, to the UN Charter, respecting the territorial integrity of internationally recognized countries, and that is Serbia, not Kosovo, that is for sure. Which means that regardless of all pressures and blackmail, no matter what anyone thinks, Serbia will preserve its territorial integrity," he said. Answering the question of the journalists about the armament of Germany, Vučić says that he does not know exactly whether the investment of 100 billion euros that Germany intends to invest in the army is on an annual or five-year basis, but he points out that it is extremely important.

"No one can compare with the Germans on that issue, because they have the most developed military industry in Europe and will be the strongest army in Europe. And they shout at us when we invest a few million in armament aquisition", said Vucic, emphasizing that when Germany becomes the strongest military power in Europe, everything will change.

Speaking about the hybrid war against Serbia, Vučić asked reporters a counter-question: "Why do you think this is not happening? Do you really think that everyone is happy with the success of Serbia?"

"The hybrid war is being fought because they are not happy with the success of Serbia... From the part of the region that thought they had solved everything, joined the EU and NATO, they thought they crushed Serbia and the Serbian army disappeared. And now, suddenly, Serbia is growing twice as fast according to the Gross Domestic Product, the army is also stronger, and why should they like that? Their behavior is logical," said Vučić in Kragujevac after the launch of the construction of the plant of a German factory.

He said that it seemed incredible to him that someone, at the time of the war in Ukraine, did not have a focus on that problem, but used everything to attack Serbia. "In at least three countries, they are not dealing with anything other than Serbia. And what do you think, that they will congratulate us for having a better Clinical Center than Zagreb and Ljubljana together?", Vucic inquired.

"Every lie against Serbia is allowed. But don't forget, Serbia has learned to be trampled upon. Should I remind them of the 24th of March, what you did to Serbia 23 years ago, and that is why we are for the respect of international law and that is why we cannot support the attack on Ukraine", President of Serbia concluded.

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