Americans angry at Kiev: They beg for weapons, but kept an important thing from USA?

Russia is allegedly moving blood supplies near Ukraine's borders as part of accumulating medical supplies, military equipment and troops.

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Monday, 31.01.2022.


Americans angry at Kiev: They beg for weapons, but kept an important thing from USA?

Americans angry at Kiev: They beg for weapons, but kept an important thing from USA?

Reuters news agency reported on Russia's movement of blood supplies to the border with Ukraine, as CNN informed, referring to two anonymous U.S. senior defense officials.

According to the interlocutors of the American TV network, the accumulation of blood supplies could lead to concrete plans for an attack. Namely, as it is pointed out, blood supplies are needed for the treatment of victims during the conflict, and they usually have a limited shelf life, up to 42 days, or up to a year if the blood plasma is frozen.

Current and former U.S. officials explain that indicators such as blood supplies are key to determining whether Moscow is ready to carry out an invasion. However, one of the American officials warned in a conversation with CNN that the presence of Russian blood supplies near the Ukrainian border is not an absolute indicator of a military offensive. This is just one of the many elements that the United States controls at the borders.

On the other hand, Ukraine has completely kept silent that Russia has moved any blood supplies to the front lines, which has further increased tensions between Washington and Kiev.

"Such 'news' is an element of information and psychological warfare. The purpose of such information is to spread panic and fear in our society," commented Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar.

The White House warned the administration of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to downplay the importance of developments, and that ignoring the threat could put them in a position to be unprepared for a potential Russian attack.

President under pressure

"We understand the difficult position of Ukrainian President Zelensky and the pressure he is under. But at the same time, he reduces the risk of invasion and seeks defense weapons worth several hundred million dollars. We think it is important to be open and honest about the threat", the White House stated.

More than 100.000 Russian soldiers and tanks are on the Ukrainian border, and that number could double in the next two to three weeks. Western intelligence believes that the Russians could be ready for a "full" invasion by mid-February, but point out that a minor attack could cause an escalation at any moment.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin explained that there are several options available to Russian President Vladimir Putin, including the occupation of cities and important territories, but also provocative political actions such as recognizing seceded territories.

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