Serbia's response: "Act of Violence"

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petković, reacted because of the new move on the part of Priština.

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Friday, 31.12.2021.


Serbia's response:
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Serbia's response: "Act of Violence"

He called Pristina's decision to declare UNMIK officials a "persona non grata" an "act of violence" against the United Nations today.

"Priština's declaring a legitimate @UNMIKosovo official as 'persona non grata' is its act of violence against UN administration, the ultimate civilian authority in K&M", Petkovic said on his Twitter account.

As he said, "In line with the applicable norms of international law and pursuant to UNSCR 1244, the sole legal civilian authority in K&M is UNMIK as UN Mission".

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Interim Institutions of Pristina, Donika Gervala Schwartz, announced earlier today that, at the request of Prime Minister Albin Kurti, she made the decision to declare a Russian official in UNMIK persona non grata because, as she claims, of his harmful activities in Kosovo.

Gervala stated on Facebook that the institutions from Pristina are determined to fight, as she claims, "the malignant influence of the Russian Federation and its satellite representatives in the region, which aim to undermine the achievements of Kosovo and our partners, primarily the USA, NATO and EU". The proclamation of the Russian official in UNMIK as a persona non grata by the authorities in Pristina is a provocation, the Russian Embassy in Serbia announced.

"We consider Pristina's 'decision' to be another anti-Russian and anti-UN provocation to win the favor of Western mentors. We start from the fact that in accordance with international law and UN Security Council Resolution 1244, which is crucial for resolving the Kosovo issue, it has no legal consequences," the Russian Embassy said in a statement.

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