"Kurti harmed us. He promised one thing and worked on the other"

Lumir Abdixhiku, the new chairperson of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), stated that the Self-Determination Movement has lost its political consistency.

Izvor: Kosovo online

Friday, 29.10.2021.



"Kurti harmed us. He promised one thing and worked on the other"

He believes that this political faction deeply disappointed the citizens, claiming that the proof of that is the result after the first round of local elections in Kosovo and Metohija.

Abdixhiku believes that the Prime Minister of the so-called Kosovo and the leader of the Self-Determination, Albin Kurti, realized little of what was promised.

"Self-determination is losing support, because Albin Kurti promised one thing and did another. That is how they disappointed the citizens. Kurti inflicted irreparable damage on Kosovo, because he did nothing to liberalize visas. He also promised lower prices in Kosovo, and the prices went higher. As for Vjosa Osmani, she is just playing the role of president," Abdixhiku said.

The LDK leader emphasized that Kosovo needs urgent reforms, as Kosovo online reports.

"We need judicial reform, but not like in Albania, because it does not fit into our system. In Kosovo, the judicial system does not work properly, and justice must work here. The mistake of Self-Determination is that the energy sector is treated only from the economic aspect, and the ‘national and strategic’ interest has not been considered”, Abdixhiku concluded.

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