The new embarrassment of the so-called minister of Kosovo: Wrong flag PHOTO

Foreign Affairs Minister of the so-called Kosovo, Donika Gervalla, had to change her post on Twitter due to a mistake with the flag.

Izvor: B92

Tuesday, 29.06.2021.


The new embarrassment of the so-called minister of Kosovo: Wrong flag PHOTO

The new embarrassment of the so-called minister of Kosovo: Wrong flag PHOTO

According to the local media, she mixed the NATO flag with the United Nations insignia.

Gervalla changed the flags and changed the post, admitting that she made a mistake.

"A friendly meeting with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg regarding his visit to Kosovo on July 1. It is good to see the Alliance's commitment to the security of Kosovo and its citizens. Kosovo will never forget that NATO saved us," she said in a changed post, and "tweeters" soon started making fun of her gaffe.

"Gazeta Express" reminds that Gervalla had made a mistake on Twitter before. Namely, about a month ago, her post in English was full of mistakes, so the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the so-called Kosovo had to remove the post and rewrite the position of Pristina institutions regarding the landing of the plane in Belarus, when the activist Roman Protashevich was arrested.

The announcements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of self-proclaimed Kosovo on Twitter were previously condemned by the public, which wrote about earlier.

Journalist Enver Robelli said earlier that the statement of this ministry in bad English was in fact "unprofessional, undiplomatic and frivolous".

And the opinion of the expert on political issues, Agon Maliqi, is that the official announcements should be more serious, because, as he says, the institutions cannot be on the same level as the Facebook analysts.

"Request for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: official tweets to be more serious and coherent in style, language and content. The state cannot publish freestyle status like the status of Facebook analysts," Maliqi said.

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