Kon: Serbia on the way out of the epidemic

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon stated today that Serbia is on the way out of the epidemic and that it is entering a period of sporadic outbreaks of coronavirus

Izvor: Tanjug

Thursday, 28.05.2020.


Kon: Serbia on the way out of the epidemic
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Kon: Serbia on the way out of the epidemic

He states that the so-called "wads" can also appear during the month of June.

"We are definitely coming out of the epidemic period. During yesterday, we were at 0.8 percent positive from the number of tested. When it falls below 0.5, it is a sporadic occurrence," Kon told RTS.

Kon said that for now, there is no talk of opening nursing homes.

"While the virus is in circulation, it can enter a collective where they are sensitive, such as nursing homes.

Opening homes for now is not an option, as soon as there is no virus in the circulation, then it will be adequately monitored", he said.

Speaking about antibody testing, Kon said that a citizen, if he has a positive result, should go to a doctor, i.e. an infectologist, virologist or immunologist.

"They have to be examined and the doctors should explain to them what to do next. The survey of that person needs to be performed where the infection could have occurred," the doctor explained.

As he said, protective masks will be mandatory for all those over 65 and chronic patients in the coming period during the summer.

"They should wear masks until we announce that there is no virus at all and the result is 'zero' infection. Later, they can also relax", Kon concluded.

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