Opposition alliance wants more time on state TV

The Alliance for Serbia (SzS) has asked Serbia's public broadcasting service to give representatives of the opposition time in its news programs.

Izvor: Tanjug

Friday, 28.09.2018.


Opposition alliance wants more time on state TV
The logo of the Alliance for Serbia

Opposition alliance wants more time on state TV

In a letter sent to RTS, leaders of the Alliance demand that, starting within 15 days, their representatives be regularly included in news programs, "at least 30 minutes a week," and they in particular insist on participating in debates.

In addition, the SzS is asking that the rebuttals and answers of their representatives be read in the same programs and format and in the same place and time where the false information had been stated.

In the letter, the SzS leaders recall that the public service is financed by citizens who vote for the opposition as well, and that they have the right to know everything about the activities and positions held by their political representatives.

In case these demands are not met, the SzS said it would be "forced to make moves that are more radical."

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