What did Macron say? Well, Putin will get angry

At the conference on Ukraine held in Paris, more than 20 countries decided to provide more and faster aid to that country.

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Tuesday, 27.02.2024.


What did Macron say? Well, Putin will get angry
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What did Macron say? Well, Putin will get angry

And it seems that the deployment of Western ground forces is no longer ruled out either, writes Deutsche Welle.

Emmanuel Macron does not rule out the use of French ground forces in Ukraine. Nothing has been ruled out to prevent Russia's victory in Ukraine, the French president said after the end of the conference on aid to Ukraine held last night (February 26) in Paris.

At the meeting of more than 20 heads of state and government, which was also attended by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, there was no common position regarding ground forces, but, as Macron said, nothing can be ruled out in the future course of the war.

Never say never

"Today there is no consensus on the official sending of ground forces, but nothing can be ruled out," Macron said. "We will do everything necessary to ensure that Russia does not win this war."

Many people who today said "never, never" are the same people who two years ago said "never, never tanks, never, never planes, never, never long-range missiles", the French president reminded and added that today we are discussing how to be faster and stronger in delivering tanks and missiles. "So, anything is possible if it helps achieve our goal."

"Today's general conclusion is that the security of all of us is at stake," Macron said at the beginning of the conference, which was organized in the short term. Russia, he says, is getting tougher - politically and on the front in Ukraine, where new Russian attacks threaten.

Russia's defeat, he believes, is necessary for stability and security in Europe, and that is why those who support Ukraine must make even more efforts. "We are in the process of securing our security today and tomorrow," Macron said and at the same time emphasized: "We do not want to go to war with the Russian people."

Poland, as well?

Before leaving for the meeting in Paris, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico warned of a "dangerous escalation of tensions" with Russia. Certain countries, which he did not want to name, were apparently ready to send their soldiers directly to Ukraine. That, however, would not convince Russia to give in, says Fico, but would increase the risk of the conflict spreading.

When asked about the possible deployment of the army by Poland, Macron said after the conference that each country can independently and sovereignly decide on the deployment of ground forces.

A new coalition was formed for the delivery of weapons

At the meeting, it was decided to form a coalition that will supply Ukraine with medium- and long-range missiles and bombs for strikes far behind Russian lines, the French president announced.

In the short term, additional ammunition should be mobilized for Ukraine from its own stocks, as well as from third countries. Among other things, initiatives were agreed on cyber defense, joint production of weapons, military capacities and ammunition in Ukraine, as well as the defense of countries that are directly threatened by the Russian offensive in Ukraine, especially Moldova.

Macron also said the assembled countries intended to support Ukraine with "non-military" forces on its border with Belarus. This is about deactivating mines.

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