Another A-50 will go down...

The Russian military reportedly only has a few of its prized A-50 spy aircrafts, as the rest have been destroyed, Kyrylo Budanov said.

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Monday, 26.02.2024.


Another A-50 will go down...

Another A-50 will go down...

The Beriev A-50 aircraft, also known as the NATO "Mainstay", is an early warning and control aircraft used by Russia to monitor Ukrainian air defenses.

The plane usually flies with a crew of up to 15 staff and is estimated to cost over $300 million.

The Russian military currently deploys a modernized version of the aircraft, known as the A-50U, which, among other things, replaces the original aircraft's analog systems with digital ones for faster signal tracking and target detection.

The Ukrainian Air Force said on Friday it shot down an A-50U aircraft over the Sea of Azov near the city of Primorsko-Akhtarsk, the second of the prized spy planes that Kyiv has claimed responsibility for destroying since the beginning of this year.

Despite the claims of Ukrainian officials, Russian military bloggers later claimed that the aircraft was accidentally shot down by "friendly fire".

Budanov, head of Ukraine's Defense Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate, also claimed Sunday that, in light of the two recent downings of Russian spy planes, the Russian military has only six A-50s left in service.

He said at the "Ukraine 2024" forum that, if another such plane were to be shot down, the Russian forces would not be able to deploy them at any time of the day.

"There are still six aircrafts left," said Budanov. "That's two full shifts. Another A-50 will 'go down' and round-the-clock duty will have to be stopped," he added, as reported by Newsweek.

Russian officials have not yet confirmed or denied Ukraine's claims of A-50 losses.

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