New tensions grow between Paris and Moscow

Moscow – Russia finds French President Emmanuel Macron's statements about his concern over the expansion of African countries' ties with Russia offensive.

Izvor: Tanjug

Friday, 29.07.2022.


New tensions grow between Paris and Moscow
Foto: Profimedia

New tensions grow between Paris and Moscow

"Regarding President Macron and his statements, really, more ethical statements were expected from the French side. If I remember correctly, he said something like this: He is concerned about Russia's military and diplomatic activity in Africa, and that it is not would not even call cooperation, but support for absolutely failed, illegitimate regimes and juntas," Lavrov said, Taas reported.

According to him, it is quite insulting for African states that continue, despite everything, to consistently develop relations with the Russian Federation.

Macron has previously expressed concern over the growing diplomatic and military contacts between Russia and Africa, and resented the spread of allegedly false information and Russian narratives in Africa by people he refused to call journalists, citing the opening of new bureaus for the Russian news agency Sputnik and RT television in Africa.

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