RHMZ issued an emergency warning; It already started

In the next hour, strong convective clouds are expected in the area of Mačva, Kolubara and Zlatibor districts, warns RHMZ.

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Friday, 25.06.2021.


RHMZ issued an emergency warning; It already started
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RHMZ issued an emergency warning; It already started

The Republic Hydro-meteorological Institute issued an urgent warning that in the next hour in the area of Srem, Belgrade, as well as central Serbia, there will be strong convective clouds that will cause intense showers with thunder, local hail and stormy wind.

In the next two hours, RHMZ reports, it will be unstable with short-term showers and thunderstorms, locally with hail and stormy wind, except in the east, south and southeast of the country.

A storm accompanied by heavy rain and heavy hail hit Čačak again. The big city fell for more than twenty minutes and caused great material damage.

"This is unprecedented that such a strong hail appears in the city area. The streets were completely white at one point, and the ice could be collected with shovels. Some cars were full of holes, and the storm also removed the tiles on some houses," Aleksandar Lazovic from Čačak told RINA.

The hail-storm raged to the surrounding villages and decimated the fruit and vegetables on some farms. The greatest damage was caused to fruit and vegetable plantations, and in the village of Miokovci, the yield of cherries and sour cherries was decimated.

"What was not harvested by frost has now been decimated by the hail. We will know how much damage it actually caused when we go to the orchard and garden, but we can already see that a lot has been destroyed. The harvest is over for cherries, sour apples and apricots", says Aleksandar Stojanović. There is a big storm in Loznica as well, followed by a strong stormy wind and rain.

Due to the strength of the wind, even the steepest trees bend. The storm covered wheat in many places, and it also has a bad effect on orchards.

At the cemetery in the Loznica settlement of Klupci, a stormy wind knocked down a tree that damaged several monuments. There is no electricity in most of the Loznica area for more than half an hour.

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