Italian business association makes valuable donation

The association of Italian business people in Serbia, Confindustria Serbia, has donated a valuable diagnostic device to the Health Center in Obrenovac.

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Friday, 20.03.2015.


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Italian business association makes valuable donation

The handover of the apparatus that is used to determine sedimentation by method of aggregation of erythrocytes was attended by Erich Cossutta, president of Confindustria Serbia, Giuseppe Manzo, Italian ambassador in Belgrade, Miroslav Cuckovic, Mayor of Obrenovac, Veran Matic, Chairman of the Board of the B92 Fund, Dr. Maja Todorovic, Director of the Health Center Obrenovac and Irena Brajović c, Director of Confindustria Serbia.

"A lot of people in Serbia have been affected by the catastrophic floods in May last year. Their suffering has left no one indifferent. Members of the association of Italian businesspeople in Serbia have organized to raise funds for the reconstruction of the Health Center in Obrenovac, and our special wish was to help the pediatrics ward," said Cossutta.
"The purpose of business is not merely making a profit for the owners but also to help the community to function in the best possible conditions," said Matic, and added:

"It is especially needed to develop health care as a base for the health of the nation, while good health care capacities are important for investors when deciding whether to invest somewhere, because it is important for their employees and management. Therefore, the donation of the association is also important. I hope this two-way cooperation that will continue in the future."

Ambassador Manzo noted that "Italy's friendship and solidarity with Serbia was further strengthened in difficult times."

"I most sincerely grateful to the association of Italian businesspeople in Serbia, who, with their donation, contributed to mitigating the effects of the floods, so that the youngest residents of Obrenovac and their parents can count on efficient diagnostics and better health care," he added, noting that the contribution of the Italian government and private enterprises showed great generosity by providing assistance worth over 450,000 euros.
"Our health center suffered severe damage in the floods. Thanks to the many donations we were able to renew the work of all our services," said Maja Todorovic, and added that the equipment donated today was indispensable for making diagnosing the youngest patients.

"I want to thank everyone who participated in this campaign and enabled us to equip the health center with this important device," she said.

Confindustria Serbia was created in July 2009 as the forum for the promotion of economic and social relations between Serbia and Italy, to be transformed in June 2012 into Confindustria - the general confederation of Italian Industry.

Today Confindustria Serbia is one of the most active and most important offices of Confindustria abroad. Its mission is the promotion, coordination and representation of the Italian economy in Serbia and support initiatives that aim to provide better knowledge of the opportunities for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

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