Macedonia to Serbia: Use our "correct name"; Dacic responds

The Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has gone through diplomatic channels to ask Serbia to use "the correct name for the Republic of Macedonia."

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Friday, 20.01.2017.


Macedonia to Serbia: Use our

Macedonia to Serbia: Use our "correct name"; Dacic responds

The move came after road toll receipts in Serbia started referencing the country as "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" and by the Serbian acronym for that name, "BJRM (FRYOM)."

"The use of that name and its acronym, instead of the constitutional name the Republic of Macedonia, is contrary to the established diplomatic relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Serbia," a statement issued by the ministry said.

"This inconsistency should be immediately corrected. We believe that such a provocation that offends the feelings of Macedonian citizens is not a reflection of good neighborliness. It is inappropriate and disrespectful for neighbors to use insulting names," said the ministry.

All of this comes after Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said earlier this month that his country made a mistake when it recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name, instead as FYROM - the name used by the UN and the EU - considering that Skopje has since recognized Kosovo, Serbia's southern province, as independent.

Reacting to Dacic's interview, the Macedonian authorities called on Serbian politicians "to act responsibly and not undermine the friendship between the two countries." Reacting to this, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic late on Friday told Vecernje Novosti that Serbia finds the term "Republic of Kosovo" insulting.

"All we ask is a mutually fair relationship. They're protesting about toll receipts - what should we do over their recognition of Kosovo and their vote in UNESCO," Dacic said, referring to Pristina's failed attempt, supported by Skopje, to join the organization.

Dacic also wondered why Macedonia remains a member of the UN, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, and why it continues to attend EU meetings - considering that all these organizations recognize it as FYROM.

"Why are they sitting there under that name, and now the problem are the toll receipts that say the same? Serbia has not changed its position on recognizing Macedonia, but Serbia finds it insulting and disgraceful when they say, 'Republic of Kosovo'," he concluded.

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