Italy issues terror-related travel warning on W. Balkans

Italy's Foreign Ministry has issued a travel advisory to its citizens intending to travel to Western Balkans countries, a Montenegrin daily is reporting.

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Tuesday, 30.06.2015.


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Italy issues terror-related travel warning on W. Balkans

An interactive map, originally published by the Corriere website, shows the Balkans marked as "yellow."

The map has the following categories: "travel with caution" (yellow), "don't travel unless necessary" (orange), "not recommended" (red), and "no special risk" (green).

Besides this , the Italian Interior Ministry said Montenegro was a potential point of entry for terrorists wanting to reach Italy.

Since September, 200, Italy has added about 13,000 locations to its list of potential terrorist targets, said the paper.

Italian ports of Ancona and Bari have been listed as potential targets of "terrorist attacks" and "entry of terrorists from Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro - that is, the hub of the route used by newly recruited terrorists headed for war zones in Syria and Iraq."

The article also quotes a Libyan government adviser who recently told the BBC that "Islamic State extremists are reaching Europe in boats used to smuggle migrants via the Mediterranean, since European police do not know who is a member of the IS, and who a refugee."

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg has also warned that Islamic extremists "might reach Europe under the guise of migrants," the daily said.

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