Terrorists "planned to blow up bridge in Skopje"

<a href="http://www.b92.net/eng/news/region.php?yyyy=2015&mm=05&dd=12&nav_id=94086" class="text-link" target= "_blank">The terrorist group</a> that last weekend carried out an attack in Kumanovo, northern Macedonia, "planned to blow up one of the main bridges in Skopje."

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Tuesday, 12.05.2015.


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Terrorists "planned to blow up bridge in Skopje"

The suspect told investigators he was tasked with going to Skopje and carrying out the attack, planned to take place in mid-May, along with more attacks on the police, a court house and a hospital in Kumanovo.

The website reports that the terrorists "made a detailed plan and predicted a large number of victims."

According to this, the plan "included a large amount of money to be put at the disposal of the terrorists, and as reward for the job well done."

It describes the masterminds as "inhabitants of Kosovo, veterans of paramilitary formations, who after the end of the conflict in Kosovo continued with terrorist activities."

The website added that the terrorist group chose a suburb of Kumanovo as their base of operations, renting four houses in an area "accessible only on foot."

"The group's leader, Mirsad Ndrecaj personally arrived to that part of Kumanovo in May and rented the houses, paying 1,000 euros for each for a month. Several days later he bought another house nearby where a large amount of weapons was stored, along with ten terrorists," the report said.

Earlier in the day, the Macedonian embassy in Zagreb, Croatia, published a non-paper which "confirmed that the terrorist group in Kumanovo came from Kosovo."

Specifically, they are said to be "Kosovo citizens, members of the former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), and founders of paramilitary structures who failed to secure political support."

They are described as "one of the most dangerous criminal groups with political ambitions in the region."

The document quoted by the Croatian Hina news agency also said the terrorists' goal was to attack "state institutions and strategic targets," but that the threat was "eliminated, and the country is united."

The document also blamed the same group for a number of previous attacks, including on a Macedonian police outpost in April.

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