Bosnia abandons sales of ammunition to Ukraine

Bosnia-Herzegovina on Wednesday "banned arms and ammunition exports to Ukraine," Reuters has reported.

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Thursday, 12.02.2015.


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Bosnia abandons sales of ammunition to Ukraine

The Bosnian Presidency also noted in a statement that exports of arms and military equipment to that country would not be in Bosnia-Herzegovina's "foreign policy interest at this moment."

According to the statement, arms exports "do not contribute to regional security, stability and ongoing international diplomatic efforts to broker a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine."

Bosnian arms producer Unis Group recently secured an EUR 5 million deal to supply Ukraine with arms and ammunition.

"But Bosnian Serbs, who nurture close ties with fellow Orthodox Christian Russia, objected to the sale," Reuters observed in its report, adding that "Russia also called on Bosnia not to supply Ukraine with weapons."

Unis Group failed to obtain the agreement of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic relations for the deal to go through, which halted the exports to Ukraine, the Beta news agency said.

The company announced that they filed a lawsuit against relevant Bosnian institutions for hampering their business opportunity worth 10 million convertible marks (KM).

Official data shows that Bosnia-Herzegovina last year exported "3.2 million kilograms of arms, ammunition and parts worth KM 93.8 million."

Among the top ten countries that Bosnia sells weapons to are Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Switzerland, the U.S., Egypt, Serbia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Angola, and Bulgaria.

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