Vučić with Touadéra: Thank you for firmly respecting territorial integrity of Serbia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and CAR President Faustin-Archange Touadéra address the public after the meeting.

Izvor: B92

Thursday, 29.02.2024.


Vučić with Touadéra: Thank you for firmly respecting territorial integrity of Serbia

Vučić with Touadéra: Thank you for firmly respecting territorial integrity of Serbia

"I want to thank you for your visit, to say that Serbia extremely values friendship with the Central African Republic. It is of great importance for us, we will do our best to develop our relations even more. Serbia is proud of its heritage of sincere friendship with African countries", Vucic said.

"Thank you for firmly respecting the territorial integrity of Serbia," he added.

"President Touadéra told me that we respect Serbia for its own sake, but also for the respect of international law. Serbia will always fully support the territorial integrity of the CAR. It is an important country for us because we have our soldiers there as part of the UN Mission MINUSCA and that is the way how can we help our friends. They have seen how you can establish military hospitals. I am sure that under the leadership of Touadéra, the CAR will go on the path of success and Serbia will help as much as possible. We have a huge respect and I know you understand the geopolitical situation and I had the opportunity to learn a lot from you. Special thanks for your openness and for believing in the knowledge of our people," said Vučić.

The president also mentioned the construction of stadiums and power plants, and that construction will continue in the future for the benefit of the interests of both countries. He added that enviable results can be achieved in all areas. Vučić suggested to Touadéra that their contacts should be brought to the level of constant consultations, in order to achieve common interests in the best possible way.

"During this year, we will have three lines to the People's Republic of China, we will have three lines to the USA permanent, we already have two... We are also thinking about a high-speed line to Seoul. Today it is difficult to find large planes without spending too much and not being unprofitable, but it is our job to find planes that will allow us to go to Central and South Africa, and we will try to ensure that in the next year. Thank you once again for your visit, you are always welcome and I want you to feel at home in our Serbia. I think that there is no European country that looks at the African continent with so much love and benevolence as Serbia," Vučić concluded.

Touadéra: Sincere thanks for the warm welcome

At the beginning of his speech, the President of the Central African Republic emphasized that this is a working but also a friendly visit. "I want to express how glad I am that we achieved this cooperation that already existed between the SFRY and the CAR. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the warm welcome. You showed that to me and my delegation. Here, I see, spring is coming and those buds are a symbol of what is born among us," said Touadéra.

He also mentioned Josip Broz Tito, and thanked him because he initiated cooperation between the SFRY and the CAR.

"A new day is dawning on the friendly and historical relations between the two countries. The glorious decades when the SFRY and the CAR cooperated in the 70s left a great impression on my compatriots. Many diplomatic missions were opened and many projects were realized to the joy of both peoples. Here we are today, to follow the examples of our predecessors. Your government has achieved a great goal because it takes part in UN Peacekeeping missions. I will use the opportunity to tell my people and the people of Serbia that Dr Olivera Jovanović died of malaria in our country, and I want to express my condolences on that occasion, because she only came to us to help. My goal is to achieve concrete cooperation and I see that we share the same feelings about it. On March 30, 2016 and 2021, I expressed the position regarding the complete independence of my country, with the desire to achieve peace and cooperation with all countries. This visit fits into that dynamic and represents my country's will to open its borders even more for Serbian investors. From now on, our two countries really have no borders, except for geographical distance, but if we have will, it will not present an obstacle," Touadéra concluded.

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