Vučić announced: We are waiting for an occupation. But if you go after our people...

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that elections in Kosovo and Metohija on Sunday will be a difficult day for the Serbs and a terrible day for democracy.

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Thursday, 20.04.2023.


Vučić announced: We are waiting for an occupation. But if you go after our people...
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Vučić announced: We are waiting for an occupation. But if you go after our people...

"Sunday would be a day when the shame of Europe and the world will be officially marked because of what they organized and what they are doing," said Vučić.

"Why are the Serbs refuse to participate? They left the institutions, not because of a whim, and because people are silly, but because Djurić, Teodosijević were illegally dismissed, and Adžić, Trajković were arrested. They shot at the Serbs, children aged 11 and 20. And then, now they also shot at Jovanovic, who is guilty because he was carrying pots and pans to the Mitrovica market," said Vučić.

"The Serbs said that they will return to the institutions and take part in the elections when the CSM is implemented. This is the shame of Quint countries. They will hold the elections, they will lie. The Serbs will be guilty again. It is a shame that someone does not know the difference between legitimacy and legality", stated Vucic.

"I will be open, I don't really care what the international community thinks. They will hold elections on Sunday and blame Belgrade. I will present precise data. In the 2020 elections in Serbia, Europe and the world told us that they are not democratic enough, even though almost 50 percent came out. They said that the problem is not that, but because there is no pluralism. They didn't mistreat me, they mistreated Serbia. It lasted for two years because of the harassment of the citizens of Serbia," said Vučić.

"After the withdrawal of Aleksandar Jablanović tonight, neither in Leposavic nor in Kosovska Mitrovica and Zubin Potok, you have no Serbian candidates, and in Zvečan it seems like you don't have any either. Shame on all of them, complete Quint," said Vučić.

Vučić stated that the only goal is to break Serbia.

"I will not let them break Serbia," said Vučić. "When someone else is presented from the Serbian management team, Kurti will agree, but he will say that there are no municipalities in the north that want to accept it. These are all vile and dirty tricks. The same as rigging in the Council of Europe. Lajčak, Borrell know this, all of them. Are the Serbs wrong, what does Viola say? She should be ashamed of every word she uttered in this country. Starting with Nedeljica," said Vučić.

Vučić stated that he is proud of the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

Vučić said that the representatives of Pristina will be rewarded with the mayors of the municipalities, but the Serbian people say that it is a real occupation, and they will not agree to it.

"The polling stations are in police stations, have you ever heard that? Near them, there will be 65 members of KFOR, ready to intervene. Likewise, members of EULEX, only in Kosovska Mitrovica. They will also be in civilian clothes, in order to be able to come to help. A few voters will be found. In North Mitrovica a few, and in these three municipalities a few... The main question is whether Belgrade threatened Jablanović. So, listen to his statement. You are the ones who do it every day, destroying people, they won't be able to, gentlemen, this won't be possible. Everything I said, that's what I meant. You saw what I said to the Swedes. Serbia was forced to introduce sanctions on Russia, and that's all. I'm tired of that question," Vučić said.

"This will go down in the history of the world's disgrace, which will ever happen. Those people don't live there, and they are like legal and legitimate. I call on the people of Kosovo to be calm, not to look at them, to show only contempt. Let them do their dirty work. Then we will see how much they will lie about CSM, and we will not lift a finger for this either," stated Vučić.

"They lied to us all the time. Many difficult things await us. They lied to Serbia from the beginning. I don't trust them anymore. All the time, it was just about finding ways to humiliate Serbia," said Vučić.

"This will be the most shameful election held anywhere in Europe. Their only plan is to drive the Serbs out of Kosovo. They don't understand that the Serbs are much tougher than they imagine," said President of Serbia.

Vučić stated that the goal is to take advantage of the moment of the war in Ukraine.

"Everything is allowed here. There are no rules here. That's what diplomatic representatives tell me. They count on the fact that the Serbs will not withstand the pressure and will give up. Well, they won't. To whom are you going to talk about democracy? They say that the problem is the large investments of China and Russia Federation since last year," said Vučić.

Vučić said that he will do his best to protect Serbs.

"If you go after our people, nobody will stop me. I will not give you the opportunity to trample on our people," said Vučić.

Vučić stated that Serbia sells ammunition to countries around the world, but also that Serbia is aware that these weapons can end up in Russia or Ukraine.

"We now make over 200 tools for our army. We produce ammunition. When Spain asks us if we want to sell, of course we do. When Turkey asks us if we want to sell, we say yes. Of course we will sell to the United States," he said.

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