SNS Presidency session; Vučić: There will be neither humiliation nor surrender VIDEO

The session of the Presidency of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) started this afternoon in the MTS hall.

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Friday, 10.03.2023.


SNS Presidency session; Vučić: There will be neither humiliation nor surrender VIDEO

SNS Presidency session; Vučić: There will be neither humiliation nor surrender VIDEO

The session of the highest party body of the SNS is attended by its president, Aleksandar Vučić.

"On April 26 or 27, I will announce the Party Assembly for May 27. We will elect all party bodies," said Vučić.

"We don't hold Main Board sessions often enough, and it's good to get together and listen to each other. Regarding the party assembly, in accordance with the SNS statute, which we talked about at the Presidency, on April 26 or 27, I will call the assembly for May 27 this year. Internal party elections are already underway, somewhere they are taking place in a good way, somewhere in a less good way," said Vučić.

He announced that all party bodies will be elected at the assembly at the end of May.

"But even today, I want to talk about it, about my idea, for the first time at the Main Board session I will present something that could also be a decision of the party assembly. I think it is a strategic and essential decision, since we will be under great external and internal pressures. Because when someone is not in power for 10 or 11 years, they don't understand it as their incompetence, but they will look for the culprits in us, and thus aggression becomes the basic motto of their political activity," said Vučić.

Vučić said that the establishment of CSM is defined by the Brussels Agreement.

"Some people refuse to implement the CSM. We will face great pressures. And in the midst of all this, they gave them visa liberalization. In the coming period, we will be under additional pressures. They want to drag Serbia into a conflict with NATO. If I were to be some kind of Putin, and Kurti is a kind of Zelensky. Unfortunately, they obviously have the support of part of the international community in this, because it is their child," said Vučić.

"They had the opportunity to put pressure on Pristina with visa liberalization, but as you can see, it doesn't occur to them. They don't want normalization. They all together want to humiliate Serbia. No matter how hard they try to make it happen, I tell you - it won't happen. There will be no humiliation, no capitulation, no surrender. We are preparing for talks on Monday and Tuesday. After that, I'm going to Ohrid. Believe me, I don't even know why we're talking. Should we recognize Kosovo? You've been talking in vain," said Vučić.

Vučić pointed out that Serbia is in a difficult position, but that it is holding up well.

He also stated that there is no such party as SNS.

"We need the support of all good and important people in the difficult period we are in. We also need to see some new people on the Serbian political scene, the time is coming for rejuvenation, but also for some people who do not have to be young when it comes to their age, but they have to offer a refreshment on our political scene," said Vučić, speaking about the founding of the Movement.

He showed page 4 of the daily newspaper Danas, as an example of how brutal hate campaign is conducted.

"This tells you that there are no boundaries in hatred, that there are no boundaries that someone will not cross," said Vučić and read the article in which he should be tried for possible participation in organizing "significant criminal groups that were involved in organizing technical negotiations in several of Niš municipalities", and in which his alleged godfather is mentioned, whom the president claims he does not know.

"When you have that on a daily basis, then you realize that you can't fight against it, that you have to call and deny something 1000 times a day. That's why we have to find people who will devote themselves to politics on the same ideological matrix. That's why it is important to make some kind of personnel reconstruction and to dedicate ourselves to the future of Serbia, to secure it," said Vučić.

"Conspiracy theorists are becoming those who want to seize power in Serbia every day, as well as those whose salary was 300 euros in Serbia at the time, who betrayed Kosovo and Metohija," he said.

He points out that we need people who have enough knowledge and courage and want to fight.

"We have such people in the party, but more needs to be done. Let's see what we can do for people, we should listen to them," Vučić points out.

"All people live better, but it is not better when you live indecently better than the way you used to live. That is why we need the Movement. I have no doubts about the historical role of our party, it changed the course of Serbian history, raised Serbia from the abyss and started to be part of the developed world. Keep in mind that people will not always look at the results, have their own emotions and expect you to align with them, leading a country and leading a party is not always the same. Our party is leading the country, we must not act and speak like others", states Vučić and points out that he is satisfied that people who are no longer ministers are still there, and that they continue to work, and that this shows the strength of the party.

"Those who didn't, it means that they were there only because of the position they held," said Vučić.

"My request to you is to prepare for a time that is not easy for our country. Starting tomorrow, I will go on a tour of Serbia, by the end of the year, I will visit 25 districts, I hope I will be able to go to Kosovo and Metohija as well," Vucic said.

"We will talk to people in several places, I am especially happy that I will go to Bosilegrad because no one has been there since King Alexander, so let's see what we can do for the people there," said Vučić.

We will try to visit every municipality in Serbia in the next year, he added.

After the address of the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, the session of the Main Board was closed to the public.

Minister Vučević addressed the media

After the session of the Main Board, Defense Minister Miloš Vučević addresses the media, saying that Vucic’s Movement will bring together all those who love Serbia.

Vucevic said the Movement will bring together all those in favor of “an independent, sovereign Serbia that has no boss on any side of the world.”

"We want to sit on our chair, to think with our own heads, and not have anyone tell us what to do. SNS has changed Serbia for the better and SNS is ready to invite everyone who wants to get involved in strengthening Serbia," he said.

Those who attack Vucic are also the ones who envy him the most, said Vucevic, adding that “Vucic abides by the Constitution, the oath, he is driven by love for the Fatherland, and makes rational decision.”
SNS officials Miloš Vučević, Vladimir Orlić, Ana Brnabić, Aleksandar Martinović, Nikola Selaković, Tomislav Momirović, Aleksandar Šapić, Zlatibor Lončar, Maja Gojković, Petar Petković, Siniša Mali, Nebojša Stefanović, attended the session.

As previously announced, after the end of this session, the Main Board of the SNS will meet.

The introductory part of the session of the Main Board will be open to the public and then Vučić will speak, after which, as announced, the rest of the session will be closed to the public, and statements to the media are expected after the Main Board finishes.

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